Cadillac Woman Facing Meth Charges After Allegedly Having Meth Lab While Child Was Present

A Cadillac woman is now facing several charges, she’s accused of having a meth house while a child was living with her.           

The investigation started back in April when drug teams went to Angela Richardson’s home in Cadillac where they say they found meth and a meth lab.

9&10’s Taylor Jones spoke with the prosecutor and those who live nearby.

Angela Richardson is now facing several meth charges.

 But the prosecutor’s biggest concern is that a child was allegedly present.

“Meth has many dangers, not only does the substance give dangers to the body, but the production is dangerous,” says Jason Elmore, Wexford County Prosecutor.

Angela Richardson is facing charges for making meth, maintaining a meth lab in the presence of a minor, among other drug related charges.

The Wexford County Prosecutor says a child was inside living with her.

“It’s bad enough when an individual is exposing themselves to it, but also when they expose another person to it such as or person that they might be responsible for, the risks to that person are not only  explosive materials being produced, but the vapors. Also remembering that those young people often see what’s going on and could end up imitating it themselves,” say Elmore.

When we stopped by Richardson’s neighborhood, some were more concerned with our presence, while others were concerned with the discovery of a possible drug operation so close to home.

“It’s dangerous, it’s not a good idea, but I have never tried drugs, but once you start it, stay away from it,” says Rit Portuesi, neighbor.

The prosecutor says there is another suspect involved that hasn’t been arrested yet.

It’s unclear what the child’s relationship to Richardson is, but neighbor Rit Portuesi says it might be her daughter.

“It’s not raising your child right it’s showing bad example kids learn from their parents,” says Portuesi.

Richardson will head to trial for the charges sometime this year.

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