What’s Growing With Tom: Week Eight

Doppler 9&10 Chief Meteorologist Tom O’Hare is trying to shake the jet lag after his Shades of Ireland tour.

While he’s been on the Emerald Isle, Melanie Steinberg’s been keeping a close watch on the Doppler 9&10 Weather Garden.

This week, we were joined by Jake from Walravens, who was here to help us make the garden better and update you on how everything is looking.

Right now, things seem to be looking good. Jake says the zucchini is growing nicely and will need to be picked soon to give the carrots some more room.

The broccoli is also growing nicely. It’s getting nice and big, and Jake says they can be trimmed soon.

There are some dead leaves that need to be picked and weeding that needs to be done for some of the plants.

The tomatoes are growing nicely, as well as the lettuce.

Overall, Jake thinks things are looking pretty good!

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