Traverse City Planning Commissioners Hold Public Meeting to Discuss Accessory Dwellings

The public will have a chance to give their input on a hot button issue in Traverse City, accessory dwelling units and potential changes on the horizon.

The planning commission subcommittee is proposing their recommended amendments with a possible vote by Traverse City Planning Commissioners.

Right now, 10 accessory dwelling units are allowed per year within city limits.

The committee now wants to fine tune that ordinance, and allow more flexibility for two family zoned areas that currently prohibit them.

Some have raised concerns, this could pack too many people into their neighborhoods.

But a positive seen by others would be worker housing, helping a long-standing shortage in the city.

“It also may help somebody that has a large old home, maybe they’re by themselves and they want to share the home by splitting up their home with another person where they can share the utilities and share the maintenance costs a little bit so it helps to reduce the cost for the primary homeowner as well,” Russ Soyring, planning director said.

The public hearing begins at 7 Tuesday evening.

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