Traverse City Neighborhood, Morgan Farms, Concerned Over Possible New Developments

A packed meeting in Traverse City Tuesday night as people looked for answers about a plan to build new apartments in Traverse City.

They want to know how it would impact their community.

City Planning Commissioners heard a presentation about a plan to bring 240 new apartments to a part of Traverse City known as Morgan Farms.

“That’s what we’re asking, is for you to preserve our neighborhoods as they are and as they were imagined 14 years ago,” said someone living in Morgan Farms.    

Traverse City community members speaking out against a plan to bring 240 new apartments to their neighborhood. 

“We are not opposed to growth but we are opposed to growth that is completely counter to the approved planned unit development that is in place,” said another person who lives in Morgan Farms.

They say the proposal including ten, three story buildings with 24 units in each building would drastically alter the landscape of their quiet neighborhood.

“The building of 240 apartments with 420 parking spaces constitutes a radical change to the planned unit development (P.U.D.) which current owners could have never contemplated based on the current P.U.D.,” said a resident of Morgan Farms.

“I’m prepared to have the discussion. This is a good project, this is an important project; I’m happy to meet with the community. It seems that you weren’t aware at all from a lot of your comments that you weren’t aware at all that this was even possible I apologize for those that didn’t know this, I would go back to your realtors because they all knew it,” said someone from Mansfield.

Many came out to get answers but Planning Commissioners still need more time.

“I think maybe staff could, like I want to hear from the city attorney as well; what’s the process here, what are the challenges, what are the sinkholes that we could fall into inadvertently and how do we best avoid what happened that you’re describing,” said planning commissioner Gary Howe.

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