Traverse City Accessory Dwelling Units Discussion Heads Back To Committee

It’s back to the drawing board for the Traverse City Planning Commissioners Tuesday night.

Commissioners voted five to two to send the amendment regarding accessory dwelling units back to the Housing and Building Committee.

Right now, ten accessory dwelling units are allowed per year in the city.

The committee has been looking at fine tuning the ordinance and allowing more flexibility for two-family zoned areas that currently prohibit them.

Some pros and cons were weighed by people living in Traverse City and  Planning Commissioners.

“I think it allows housing to be used in town, and a lot of different configurations, especially older houses can be quite expensive to add additional living spaces to, and if you can add it over a garage perhaps that’s adding just another way for people to enjoy living in town,” said Mike Grant, a Planning Commissioner and has an accessory dwelling unit.

The Housing and Building Committee will now discuss those concerns again before making another recommendation.

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