Roscommon Community Shocked After Train Crashes

The screeching brakes of a train squealed through Roscommon when it crashed into construction carts on the track.

Deputies say it happened around 10 Monday night.

Deputies say the track switch near the intersection of Shelly and Brooks Roads is to blame.

9&10’s Taylor Jones was at the scene.

The sheriff says the train tracks were switched sending the train into a construction cart that was parked there.

“All of a sudden I hear it slam on its brakes. When you have two engines, it locks up their breaks and throws it into reverse. That makes quite a ruckus and then he laid on the horn even heavier and then all you hear is this god awful smash,” says Larry Smith, lives near the tracks.

That’s what people in Roscommon heard after the train crashed.

Deputies say the engineer saw the track switch was in the wrong spot and tried to stop.

“When I got there, here was the engineer and the conductor out of the cab. The police were just arriving, there was no one hurt. It was a mess, the work train was derailed off to its side, it dug into the gravel off the road bed of the tracks so they had to work to do,” says Smith.

The Lake State Railway company was working on the track earlier that day.

They do own the train and the tracks.

The engineer told the sheriff he was going 25 miles per hour.

“I couldn’t believe it, I mean a train crashed, that’s pretty heavy. I was just worried to make sure everyone was OK,” says Brandon Pearce, works near crash.            

Luckily there were no injuries and the company did not file a police report.

“Usually when they go by here they’re not going very fast or anything like that, so no it’s not something I was expecting,” says Pearce.

The Lake State Railway Company was on scene Tuesday continuing their investigation and they did decline to speak with us.

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