Medical Marijuana Users Struggle To Get Cannabis Following Gaylord Dispensary Raids

Medical marijuana advocates and dispensary owners in Northern Michigan have filed a petition in the City of Gaylord.

They want the city to allow the fully legal operation of medical marijuana dispensaries.

The petition comes after seven people were arrested following dispensary raids in Gaylord one week ago.

The raids temporarily closed four of the five dispensaries in the area. Now none of them have any cannabis or THC products available for their patients.

9&10’s Aaron Parseghian spoke with medical marijuana patients in the area about how the dispensary raids have affected them.

Medical marijuana patients in Northern Michigan say finding their medicine following the Gaylord dispensary raids has become a challenge.

“This is a horrible time for patients they turn to other things while we have no cannabis. They are going to have a very tough time getting cannabis in Gaylord now,” said AllWell Natural Health Owner Veronica James

Veronica James was arrested in last week’s raid, she’s kept her dispensary open despite not having any cannabis behind the counter.

One of her patients who travels from Cheboygan is worried that without her marijuana she might begin to have seizures again.

“It worries me that it could be a possibility.  I’ve had to go off before and it was like the 5th day without, and this is when raids happened before I had had seizure,” said Melissa Ross.

Patients are now forced to travel down-state to get access to what they call "clean" medicine. Allwell has been turning away patients for the past week.

“It’s horrible, it’s heartbreaking it takes me back to the first raids when I couldn’t get medicine and I was back in the hospital with seizures back on the medicine, and that’s what it reminds me of. It makes me feel helpless because I want to help these people there are so many people like me. That’s what it’s about, it’s about them and I can’t help them,” said Medical Marijuana Cardholder Bonnie Harvey.

Patients and dispensary owners are hoping the petition will bring back their remedy.

“When you have everyday people of all walks of life just trying to use natural medicine, we do not understand why they cannot come through the door and do that in this area, but yet in other areas they can,” added James.

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