Mechanical Failure Causes Fire At Clare High School

Clare High School has minimal damage after fire crews were able to stop a fire before it was able to spread.

It all started around 5:30 Tuesday morning when a wrestling mat caught fire near the gym.

Right now, the Clare fire chief says they think it started from a fan that was drying the floors after they had just been cleaned.

Crews were able to put the flames out within minutes and no one was hurt.

Superintendent Jim Walter says there is not much damage, and they will be able to get it all cleaned up quickly and be ready for the start of the school year later this month.

“You’re just anxiety ridden, just is everyone out of the building, is everyone safe? Luckily, at that time a day, we don’t have a lot of traffic in, and school isn’t in session. Then, your just wondering what you’re going to walk into and will you be able to open school in month. So, we were fortunate the fire was very small, smoke damage is all repairable,” said Walter.

The superintendent says a fire marshal is expected to be on scene Wednesday to investigate the fire.

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