Mount Pleasant Community Helps Golf Course Stay Open After Fire

A Mount Pleasant golf course is thankful for their community after a fire destroyed a storage barn.

Riverwood Resort’s storage barn, full of golf course maintenance equipment caught fire Friday evening.

Right now the Mount Pleasant golf course says the fire is under investigation but they think it could be electrical.

9&10’s Taylor Jones was in Isabella County, she joined in the studio to explain how the community is stepping up to help.

Riverwood Resort lost nearly all of their maintenance equipment.

During the busy summer season those items are extremely important.

“From a weed whip, to a hand mower, to riding mowers, cup changers, just everything imaginable and now it’s all burned down,” says Richard Figg, owner.

Almost all of the Riverwood Resort golf course maintenance equipment destroyed in a fire,

“If you were a chef and you had to have a knife and a mixer and an oven to bake things in and suddenly you didn’t have it, that’s where we are at. You have to have those tools because there is so much work that goes on. It needs trimming, fixing you name it,” says Figg.

But owner Richard Figg says the course has stayed open, all with the help of some neighbors.

“The Pohlcat gave us something that was just paramount and that’s just to mow greens because we have players,” says Figg.

The Pohlcat says it was a no-brainer when it came time to help.

“As you can see, there’s a lot of grass so that’s pretty important. We have really had to help out. When one place isn’t available, we’re going to send them to the next place. We’re going to make sure that it stays in Mount Pleasant,” says Mary Smith, works at Pohlcat.

Other places like the Golf Center and Bucks Run Golf Club in Mount Pleasant have offered their help as well. Riverwood is thankful.

“Mount Pleasant is a rather unique where neighbors really go out of their way to help neighbors,” says Figg.

Insurance agents were on scene and Riverwood hopes to get new equipment

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