Local Traverse City Business Earns National Recognition

Traverse City is known for its family-owned businesses. 

Front Street is lined with stores that can only be found in Traverse City. One of those stores is earning national recognition.

"The Fredrick family started it in 1883 we have pictures of them standing out in front of the store and everything — it’s one of the original buildings downtown."

The Golden’s purchased their store in 1958 and have been running it ever since — passing it through the generations. 

This summer, Golden Shoes introduced their 4th-generation employee to work side by side with owner Bill Golden — his 15-year-old daughter, Lauren.

"It’s cool I obviously didn’t know my great-grandfather but I know that I’m in line with him and doing the same thing he did and so that’s really cool that I can pass down and carry on what he’s been doing since the 1950’s," Lauren said.

The feeling is mutual — Bill loves having his daughter at the shop and in the loop.

"I come home and it’s exciting," said Bill Golden. "She’ll say if she has the day off how did we do today she’s getting it she understands and that’s really fun to have that conversation with her."

Golden Shoes was just recognized by the National Retail Federation in Washington D.C.

They were a top five finalist of the 75 nominated retailers for the title America’s Retail Champion of the Year. 

"They did the first person and then the second one I’m going — that kinda maybe sounds like me and it was, and it was exciting," said Bill.

But he says this is an honor that all retailers deserve.

"We are all champions in the retail business," said Bill. 

That’s the second national recognition Golden Shoes has received now. 

They were also awarded best small business by the National Retail Association in 2005. 

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