Kalkaska Settlement Offer Shut Down In Lawsuit Over Health Care Benefits

The village of Kalkaska is being sued by three families over health care benefits promised to them.

And now an offer to one of them has been shot down.

Three former employees claim the village told them in a letter dating back to 1996 that they would be given health care benefits for the rest of their lives along with their spouses.

In 2014 the village could no longer afford to pay those benefits and stopped.

In 2015 the Ramsey family along with the Hill and Artress families filed a lawsuit.

After extending an $80,000 offer to the Ramsey family their lawyer said no deal.

Damien White, village president pro-tem says, “The council continues to deliberate among themselves and try to figure a peaceful settlement between us and the plaintiffs and if we can reach the settlement before the trial date that would be awesome.”

The village says it will continue to prepare for a trial.

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