Ugotta Regatta Boats Set Sail In Harbor Springs

The waters of Little Traverse Bay, filled with boats from all over the great lakes for the Annual Ugotta Regatta.

The Regatta started in Harbor Springs and boats took to the water for the sailboat races.

"It is just something we love to be a part of as a family and with the community and it’s really the most wonderful weekend of the year," said

Julie Ellstrommatthews.

It’s a Harbor Springs tradition and highlight of the summer for many, the Ugotta Regatta on Little Traverse Bay.

The races bring boats from across the Great Lakes.

"Just all of the camaraderie and all of our friends and family and everyone celebrating it’s like a homecoming everyone comes back I and they race on boats and it’s just so nice to see everybody," said Julie.

The Irish Boat Shop has supported the Regatta for years, and spends weeks gearing up for a busy and thrilling weekend.

"There’s a lot of prep ahead of time not only scheduling staff but we have to make sure we have the docks ready the equipment and spare parts ready and things like that," said Michael Esposito.

Nearly 100 volunteers work behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly.

"It is truly a whole effort of everybody involved and all hands on deck," Julie said.

All hands on deck, ensuring everyone has a great time on the water.

"Many of them come back year after year I’ve been doing this 24 years so you see families with their little kids and strollers and it’s always a lot of fun," sad Michael.

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