Startology Coming To Traverse City In New Location

A new tech incubator coming to Traverse City, is moving forward with a change in location.

Startology will be the home to start up tech companies in just a few months.

When we first brought you this story, it was going to be housed in the old City Hall building.

But because of the cost of the building and wanting to make it affordable for new businesses, they are looking for a new location outside of the downtown area.

Startology will be a place for new tech companies to work out of, while collaborating with other new businesses.

“If you can solve the income issue for the region, year round income issue, you solve a lot of other problems, affordable housing that kind of thing, so that’s really the goal is kind of help spur high paying tech jobs year round,” said Russell Schindler, chairman of TCNewTech and Startology.

Startology has several locations in mind and are working quickly to be up and running soon.

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