Hometown Tourist: Wildwood Rush in Boyne City

This week’s Hometown Tourist is meant to give you a thrill and a rush among the trees.

We go to Wildwood Rush in Boyne City for a thrilling zip line tour through the canopy.

“It takes about two hours to complete the whole thing, it’s a fully guided experience and, as you zip through, you go from platform to platform. So there’s five long rope bridges, six big platforms, you get a really awesome view of Lake Charlevoix while you’re out there,” said Allison Wright, general manager

From whirling across 200 to 1,200 feet of zip line, flying up to 40 miles per hour, and soaring up to 95 feet above the ground, there’s no shortage of excitement on this Northern Michigan zip line course.

“It’s built on a progression, so it starts off kind of low and slow and then it gets bigger and higher and faster as you go along, so it gives people that are a little apprehensive a chance to kind of get used to it and learn that they can trust the gear and the guides and so you finish with the longest and fastest zip line,” said Wright.

A trip here is true canopy experience.

“One thing that sets us apart from a lot of the zip lines in Michigan, is that we actually consider ourselves an actual canopy tour, which means throughout a portion of the tour, you’re actually zipping from tree to tree in platforms that are connected by zip lines and by the bridges. So you’re suspended up off the ground for a period of time versus just zipping from ground to ground,” explained Wright.

With guides show you the ropes, there’s an educational side too, learning about the ecosystem of Northern Michigan.

“The guides were really fun, they were very educational, and they made you feel really safe you’re always clipped in so you never feel scared at all around anything. They’ve got some cool back story too so they’re fun to hang out with,” said Kelly Kinn who made the adventure.

Once you get comfortable and you’re feeling really adventurous, you can try your hand at going upside down or even a race.

“It was really fun. Going through the trees is a totally different experience. You really get to see northern Michigan in a different way. I’ve never done it before so it was super fun we were up pretty high so you get to see a lot,” said Kinn.

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