CMU Grad’s Film Featured In Traverse City Film Festival

The Traverse City Film Festival attracts filmmakers from all across the country, but it’s even more special when that filmmaker is one of our own.

"Ithaca: The Climb" is a film directed by since graduated Central Michigan University graduate student Mason Flick.

It was his graduate thesis project.

With the help of other students and instructors Mason was able to tell the story of Ithaca Football’s 69-game-winning streak.

One of his professors says the film brings a sense of community to everyone who watches and it’s exciting to see Mason’s project make it to the Traverse City Film Festival.

Assistant Professor for Broadcast and Cinematic Arts at CMU, Eric Limarenko says, “We’re thrilled when we heard the theater was sold out, that people were standing in line waiting for tickets. At that point that really warms the heart it really feels good that Mason did this for the community and for CMU.”

The film was shown Friday at noon at the Old Town Playhouse.

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