Wexford Co Animal Shelter Temporarily Closed After Cases of Canine Parvovirus Found in Dogs

The Wexford County Animal Shelter closed for at least two weeks due to cases of canine parvovirus found in some shelter dogs.

The animal shelter on Sixth Street in Cadillac will not be able to take in any more dogs until there are absolutely no signs of the virus in the building or dogs.

There have been two cases of canine parvovirus from dogs that were at this shelter since Saturday.

Edwin Keith Tharp, one of Wexford county’s animal control officers, will be one of only two people going in and out of the building over the next two weeks.

He says right now they are looking for options on what to do with dogs that might be rescued over the next two weeks. He says it’s important to have identification on your pets in order to get them back home safely and quickly.

Tharp says they are sure this is contained to the building and the problem will be solved as quickly as possible.

“It’s not the first time this animal shelter has encountered it, and it won’t be the last,” he says. “When you’re taking in stray animals, a lot of the times they are vaccinated and we need to stress that with people. They have to vaccinate their animals, (not doing it is) how this disease starts.”

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