Veterans Affairs Committee Seeks Legal Counsel After Former Director Resignation

Thursday morning the Grand Traverse County Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman announced they’re seeking legal counsel against county leaders.

This is after local V.A. Director Chuck Lerchen was forced to resign due to employee complaints and a human resource investigation.

We first told you about it last week as the county and the V.A. committee were looking for a replacement.

But Thursday chairman James Wagener started a meeting saying they are seeking legal counsel to protect the board and veterans after the hasty decision to remove Lerchen.

While some were surprised, others say the committee was bullied into a decision.

Grand Traverse County Deputy Administrator Jennifer DeHaan says, there were only two members of the committee at the meeting Thursday. “This came as a surprise today, I’m not certain. Jim has the legal authority to independently incur costs for this service it was certainly not an act of the board or what the board voted on today.”

Greg Nachazel, a veteran who was at the meeting says, “It all goes into the hands of legal counsel where it belongs. So whatever determination is fair, there’s the question of Chuck’s disposition, there’s a question of the responsibilities of this board.”

Chairman Wagener says he’ll call a special meeting after they’ve talked to legal counsel.

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