Short’s Brewing Company Partners With California Based Lagunitas Brewing Company

Bellaire based Short’s Brewing Company is partnering with the Lagunitas Brewing Company.

They will have a 20 percent equity stake in Short’s.

And it will be managed by Lagunitas’ U.S. holdings, a division of Heineken.

Their main goal is to build relationships with and support regional breweries.

The partnership stems from Short’s effort to grow in the craft beer market, while maintaining its creatively fearless identity.

Short’s says they will maintain their branding image while gaining more resources to invest in their staff, the Northern Michigan community, and to push for creativity.

“The market is really changing quickly, fastly in craft beer, we really wanted to be able to adapt to the market could throw at us. Short’s is doing really well, but we’re seeing some struggles in California right now. We just really wanted to be prepared and ahead of the game,” Scott Newman-Bale, partner, Short’s Brewing Company said.

Lagunitas Brewing is America’s ninth largest brewery and is based out of California.

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