Grayling Mother, Son Hit By Pickup Truck While Crossing Downtown Street

"I was standing right over here,” remembers one witness. “I saw a truck hit a woman and her baby."

It was a scary situation during a Northern Michigan festival.

A woman and her two young children were walking across a street – when they were hit by a truck.

Grayling City Police say the woman and her two sons walked into the path of a truck trying to merge into traffic.

It happened yesterday as the mother walked across James Street from Ionia Street without using a crosswalk.

9&10’s Cody Boyer met with witnesses who saw it happen.

He has more details.


"If one or both parties made slightly different choices, it would have turned out very different,” says Steve Eddy of the Grayling Department of Public Safety.

Eddy says a woman and her two sons including a 1-year-old in her arms, crossed James Street in the middle of the Au Sable River Festival.

“They didn’t see each other with the other distractions that were out there and, unfortunately, the lady and one of the children got hit,” Eddy says.

“I had seen one of the EMTs grab the baby and took it, after they checked him out, took him and put right in the ambulance and took off,” says Paula Bisel, who was standing nearby when it happened.

Paula says she saw it all, and says a festival volunteer ran to help.

“I had seen [the mother’s] arms and legs move,” Bisel says. “This is the first time that I know of that it has happened on Kid’s Day. It’s fun and then this happens and everyone is like oh my God."

The Grayling Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Traci Cook, was in her office nearby.

She says crossing there is always dangerous.

“Safety is very important here with all of the vehicles coming through and extra pedestrians that are here in town,” Cook says. “We believe 16 to 20,000 people drive through on a given day, and that doesn’t include when we have a festival like this."

The mother was treated and released.

Her baby was taken to a Grand Rapids hospital.

The driver and her other 5-year-old son were not hurt.

“The difficulty we have with this type of accident is we have motor vehicle laws that require people in motor vehicles to pay attention to everything around, vehicles, pedestrians and that,” Eddy says. “We also have rules associated with pedestrians that hopefully regulate when and where they cross the street."

“I have my church and everybody I know praying for her and the baby,” Bisel says.

No one has been cited at this time.

Investigators say the prosecutor will review the case first.

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