Graffiti Pops Up Around Mt. Pleasant, Police Ask For Help

Graffiti is popping up across Mount Pleasant.
Police are asking for your help to figure out who is behind it. 

Mount Pleasant police say it started about three weeks ago.
Now the graffiti is starting to spread across the area. 
Police say it’s on everything from fences, to dumpsters, even on local businesses.     
Right now they are investigating and looking for leads. 
The graffiti is causing a headache for people who have to clean it up. 

"As a business owner it’s concerning and it’s a cost to clean it up or replace or whatever it may be so we really need the community support because someone has to know who is doing it," said Jeff Browne. 
Mount Pleasant police are asking for you to report the graffiti and call them if you have any tips.

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