Central Michigan University Treatment Center Helps Kids With Autism

For a couple years the Central Autism Treatment Center has been changing the lives of kids with Autism.
The push comes after Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley called for the state to train more certified service providers.
Right now there’s a severe shortage.
But CMU is helping to close that gap. 

"I come back because he’s done so well here," said Brenda. 

Four times a week Brenda Recker drives 40 miles to and from Mount Pleasant. She’s been making the drive for three and a half years. All so her grandson Brennen can get the help he needs. 

"He wasn’t talking much his speech was very limited and now you can carry on conversation communication so that’s been one of his biggest accomplishments I think," she said. 

 He’s not the only one. The treatment center is at full capacity, working with 17 kids, and giving them personalized plans to help improve their quality of life. 

"Everything’s data driven so it’s not I think the kids doing better or I think he feels happier there is more academic work he’s off task less she’s aggressing less," Brian said. 

Staff members can watch their dedication pay off. 

"It is really awesome to see progress especially it’s really rewarding to see parents reaction to their progress. It’s hearing a kid ask for their first thing or sign for his first thing ever that’s just awesome to see," Brian said. 

While giving family members who struggle with Autism a little more hope. 

"Hoping he can maybe live on his own as he progresses through life have a job he as normal as possible," Brenda said. 

You can find more information on the Central Autism Treatment Center here. 

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