Governor Opens Fund To Help Northern Michigan Counties Impacted By Flood

Governor Snyder is opening an emergency fund to help local counties recover after last month’s devastating flood. 

The Governor opened the disaster and emergency contingency fund. 
It’s used when communities exhaust local resources during an emergency.
Eligible local governments can apply for grants up to $100,000 dollars, or 10 percent of last year’s operating budget. 
The money will go towards helping communities recover, paying for supplies, and covering overtime for employees working to help clean up. 

"We had 30 to 40 people a day for 16 days in our emergency operation center that’s an expensive operation you have to feed people you have to make sure people have water to take out when they’re out doing assessments so there’s a lot of costs," Margaret McAvoy said. 
Flood victims can to continue to call 211 if they are still having problems related to flood damage.     

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