Village of Kalkaska Holds Packed Meeting to Discuss Controversial Comments Made By Village President

“Lets get along, let’s be able to speak peacefully and respect each other’s opinion and go home to your families.”

A Northern Michigan community is surrounded by controversy.

A village president has been making comments seen as racist and hateful.

The village is holding a special meeting to discuss it.

The online comments made by Village President Jeff Seiting called for the killing of all Muslims.

The village was set to meet about it last week, but not enough council members showed up.

The controversy started last month when people began complaining about a pray for Trump sign on Seiting’s hotel.

The controversial posts on his Facebook page were then brought up.

Some including hateful remarks towards Muslims and transgender people.

He has made posts in the past referring to killing Muslims or to thin the heard when it comes to black lives matter.

There are about 20 members from the Great Lakes Three Percenters and Kalkaska Militia.

They tell us they were not called by Village President Jeff Seiting, they actually called local law enforcement to tell them they were coming.

Some people have shown concern for having them here but the commander of Great Lakes Three Percenters says they are not here for either side or to cause fear and problems.

“We’re out here so that way everyone can speak, it’s your constitutional right to have an opinion and you can voice that opinion without having any form of fight or destruction of property or threats towards other people,” Michael Jenkins, commander, Great Lakes Three Percenters said.

It’s unclear what, if any action the village counsel could take to address Seiting’s behavior.

Stay with Northern Michigan’s News Leader as we continue to update you on the meeting.

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