Traverse City DDA Looking To Make Changes To Parking Permits

Traverse City’s Downtown Development Authority is trying to make the process of buying a parking permit a lot easier.

The DDA Board approved a proposal to stop selling annual and quarterly parking permits.

They would just have monthly permits at a lower price than what they have now. For garage and surface level parking it would be $48, just surface level would be $36.

There will also be the option to buy several months in advance.

If approved by the city it would start in 2018.

The Traverse City DDA Executive Director Rob Bacigalupi says the point is to make the parking permits less of a hassle for them, and customers who are limited by the annual and quarterly rates. “We find that employers they have employees come and go throughout the calendar year and they’re stuck with this permit and they don’t know what to do with it going forward with this monthly system you can either buy by the month, you can pre-pay.”

The proposal still has to go to city commission for final approval in August. 

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