Retiring Well With Michael Reese: Beneficiary Blunders

Every week there’s a show on 9&10 that helps you plan ahead when it comes to retirement.

It’s called Retiring Well with Michael Reese, brought to you by Centennial Wealth.

Each week, the show highlights a different topic that many may overlook before retiring.

This week’s show is titled “beneficiary blunders.”

For investments, you can designate a person or organization to leave your money to, but it’s important to keep that updated.

“We see too often where people, unfortunately, don’t think about that. They’re afraid what may happen if they pass, so it’s just important that all your different assets have a named beneficiary to transition those assets and avoid the probate court process,” explained Jon Torbet, financial advisor.

Retiring Well airs every Tuesday at 10 a.m. on 9&10.

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