People Speak Out At Meeting As Controversy Still Surrounds Kalkaska’s Village President

A heated room as controversy still surrounds Kalkaska’s village president.

People in and around Kalkaska came out to the village council meeting Monday night.

So did armed members of the Kalkaska Militia and other groups.

It all goes back to the behavior of village president Jeff Sieting.      

He has made Facebook posts referring to killing Muslims and “thinning the heard” when it comes to Black Lives Matter.

It’s in addition to hanging a “Pray for Trump” sign on the hotel he owns.

There have been calls for him to step down and Monday night there was public comment on the issue.

It was a packed room as dozens came out to the village council meeting to speak out about something not even on the agenda.

“Once we begin public comment I want everyone to understand, please do not speak until you are acknowledged, I will not allow or tolerate any out bursts from anyone,” said Sieting.

There were people there on all sides.

“To think we have this much excitement over a man who posts a sign that says pray for our president and our nation, that is exactly what it says,” said someone at the meeting.

Even though some still don’t agree with Sieting and the things he has done and said, a little sympathy was on display Monday night.

“I would like to start out with an apology to you Jeff,” said another person at the meeting. “I was thinking about it over the past five weeks and I am very sorry for what you and your family must have been going through all of this time.”

Kalkaska Militia, Great Lakes Three Percenters and the Red Neck Revolt were all there, armed, and surrounding the building.

Great Lakes Three Percenters say they were not called by Sieting and they do not take sides.

“We don’t come out here to try to threaten anybody or to show aggression,” said Michael Jenkins, commander of Great Lakes Three Percenters. “It’s all about peace, peace, love and respect, honor and constitution; with me if we can respect each other, we may not like each other, but we don’t have to attack each other.”

“He needs to go, he just needs to go, it’s a ridiculous thing for an elected official who the people have elected him to be the guardians of their welfare and he’s calling for the extermination for a portion of them,” said Timothy Grey, from the Red Neck Revolt.

Sieting said he is offering an open invitation to anyone wanting to sit down and talk to him about this.

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