Meeting For Enbridge’s Line 5 Packed In Traverse City

It was a packed house in Traverse City with plenty of people sharing their opinions about the future of Enbridge’s Line 5 running under the Straits of Mackinac. 

The meeting centered around a report outlining some alternatives to the pipeline.
Some ideas include re-routing Line 5, or transporting oil another way. 

"Not only is this a resource issue for many people but obviously the great lakes is part of our identity," said Melody Kindraka. 

For hours people stepped up to the microphone sharing their opinions about a new report for Line 5. 

"Not only is the cost in damages incredibly low it doesn’t reflect the economic cost of the people affected. The area business owners, the impact and the lack of drinking water from any coastal town and tourism," said a meeting attendee. 

Many people are still against the pipeline, sharing concerns about what would happen if oil got into the Great Lakes. 

"We should not be taking any chances when we don’t have to and the last thing we want to be saying later is gosh we regret what we did because there would be no going back," said a meeting attendee. 

On the other side, Enbridge points to several tests they’ve done proving Line 5 is safe.

"We just successfully completed a test of the line where we pressured it up to high levels and that test showed it is fit for service and in as good of condition as when it was first built," said Enbridge spokesperson, Ryan Duffy.

They say shutting Line 5 down would drastically hurt households across the state. 

"There are a lot of people who rely on the energy from Line 5 to heat their homes, cook their foods, 65 percent of the propane used in the up comes off Line 5, 55 percent used statewide is from it," said Duffy. 

People can submit their comments until August 19, and the state hopes to have the report finalized in the fall. 

There is also another meeting in St. Ignace. 

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