Cadillac Woman Battling Cancer Makes Hats For Heroes, City Police Honor Her Back

"There are so many people that just don’t get the recognition that they should have."

Those are the words of a woman’s on a mission from her hospital bed, honoring local heroes.

When one police department heard about it, they honored her right back.

Beverly Beers, a loyal member of the Red Hat Society, took it upon herself to honor heroes in uniform in her own special way.

When she asked the Cadillac City Police for help — they upped the ante.

9&10’s Cody Boyer shows us Beverly’s mission.


It started with Beverly’s request for a police uniform patch.

The Cadillac City Police chief heard — and returned the favor.

“Those people put their life on the line every day and never get recognition for it or nothing,” Beverly says.

For Beverly Beers, a hat isn’t just a hat.

“It all started in the grocery store,” Beers says. “This soldier boy came up to me and said I like your hat."

The idea blossomed in the middle of her battle with cancer.

“I saw all of these guys noticing my hat so I thought why don’t I do something for the community and honor some of these people that never get honored that deserve it,” Beers says.

Then, Beverly’s friend asked the Cadillac City Police for help making another hat.

“I was out of the office when that happened,” Chief Todd Golnick says. “When I later learned what that patch was for and what this particular patient was battling, I decided that we could just do one better."

Chief Golnick and two of his officers paid her a personal visit.

“I was just sitting here and they come walking in here,” Beers says. “I was like oooh."

“She’s our hero,” Golnick says. “She’s the one doing the battling here. She’s the one fighting the hard fight. She’s really an inspiration for us and a hero with us."

They gave her an officer’s hat and she got her patch.

…and You can bet those hats will keep on coming.

“There’s just certain things you do in your life that you know are the right thing,” Golnick says. “We were going there to make an impact on hers and she ended up making an impact on ours."

“I just think they that they need support from the community and this is my way of supporting them,” Beers says.

You can help by donating patches to Beverly’s cause by calling her friend, Lillian Speckman, at 231-468-2533.

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