Shepherd Police Receives Generous Donation To Purchase New Speed Sign

If you are driving through the Village of Shepherd soon in Isabella County — watch your speed.

Thanks to a generous donation, there’s a new set of eyes reminding you to slow down.

The Shepherd Police Department was approached by a longtime Shepherd local last week who offered to help get the money needed for a new speed sign.

The chief says he found checks adding up to $3,000 on his desk the next day.

The new sign is state-of-the-art and portable.

As cars pass it, the sign sends information back to police.

The chief says it’s a proactive tool, not an enforcement tool…and a big help from the community.

"To see several groups and individuals step up and say I want this for our community I think says a lot about the shepherd community and I think it is an example of a lot of other local small communities,” says Chief Luke Sawyer.

The chief says the Shepherd Lions Club and Rotary also helped pay for the sign.

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