Osceola County Barn Destroyed by Fire, Owners Stay Optimistic

A piece of family history gone after a late night fire destroys a barn and a silo on a family farm and claims the lives of more than a dozen calves.

The fire happened on 200th Avenue in Reed City just after 9pm Friday at the Morlock family farm.

A family’s historic barn consumed by flames.

“This barn was built in about 1901 or two I think,” SAID Bob Morlock.

This is all that’s left of Bob Morlock’s barn after a flames tore through it Friday night.

“It didn’t take very long. I don’t know what the hell set it off. Back the truck into the barn, went that way for about five minutes, they said the barns on fire, the son of a gun had flame coming right out of the top,” said Bob.

A nearby grain silo also caught fire.

Precious feed for the cows also gone.

I don’t know if the old silo is going to stand or not,” said Bob. The shoot is gone that burnt and come down all right.

9 fire departments were called in the fight the fire.

Any time you involve a barn fire of this nature, fully loaded with hay as the owner had stated, he had over 3,000 square bails in there,” said Jeff Stein, Chief of the Reed City Fire Department.

When crews arrived on scene their priority became saving the Morlock’s house and milking barn.

“They started hosing that roof down right at the get go,” said Bob

“We took care of the out building and the house. We were protecting the main barns and the house,” said Stein.

 Saturday morning it was back to work as usual.

Bob, thankful power was restored to his milking barn for him and his 135 cows.

“I don’t think it would have all got done if we did it by hand. I don’t know what would happen,” said Bob.

And one more silver lining in all of this, the support of fellow farmers, making sure Bob’s feeding trough’s stayed full.

“Well we will be down a little bit last night because of excitement and they didn’t get fed last night. It’s a loss, you’ll never get a barn like this back here again that’s for sure,” noted Bob. 

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