Kalkaska Man’s Body Recovered In Sturgeon Bay

“Unfortunately, that young man lost his life but the other three individuals are OK at this time.”

 A Kalkaska man is dead.

 Friday, search crews recovered the man’s body in Sturgeon Bay.

The body of Michael Kandel was found Friday morning around 9:30.

He was on a boat on Sturgeon Bay, with three other men from Wildlife and Wetlands Solution.

They had motor problems.

Kandel and another man jumped in the water.

Only one was rescued.

Michael Kandel was found in 12 feet of water and still in sight of the shore.

Kandel and Scott Mussleman are the two who jumped in the water after trying to start the motor with a rope.

The rope fell in the water and the two men jumped in after it, one with a life preserver.

But because of waves around three feet high, the boat drifted from them.

Mussleman was rescued after about an hour.

But several crews searched until 2 a.m. and then started again Friday morning at 7 looking for Kandel.

They found his body around 9:30 Friday morning.

The Emmet County sheriff said he can’t stress enough a simple, yet lifesaving reminder for everyone on the water.

“The water, I know last weekend was 62 degrees, it’s probably a little bit warmer now but it’s still pretty cold and hypothermia sets in pretty quick, but like I said, I can’t stress how important it is to have the proper personal flotation devices,” Sheriff Wallin said.

We contacted Wildlife and Wetlands Solution to find out what the men were doing on Sturgeon Bay.

They declined to comment.

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