Mount Pleasant Man Arrested In Connection To Break-In And Gas Drive Off In Grand Traverse Co.

A man arrested for a break-in and gas drive off, thanks in part to tips from Facebook users.

Last month, Grand Traverse County deputies responded to a break-in at Classic Motor Sports in Garfield Township.

They believed it could be connected to a gas drive-off at Chum’s Corners a few days before.

We have surveillance video of the Classic Motor’s burglary.

Nearly $3,000 worth of merchandise was stolen.

Acting on tips, detectives searched a man’s home in Mount Pleasant and found items stolen in the break-in and linked him to the gas drive-off.

9&10’s Whitney Amann continues our coverage on the case, cracked in part by Facebook users.

“In just 40 seconds, a man broke through a window and made his way through the store, to a case over 100 feet away from the window.

“Frustration, the feeling of some degree of violation, disgust, disappointment in people, just so many emotions,” said owner of Classic Motor Sports, Donald Pishney.

A man now linked to this break in and a gas drive-off just days before.

Those from classic motor sports and the gas station say he had a well thought-out plan.

“This fellow had figured it out very, very well. Staked out the place, turns out he was in on Friday spending about 25 minute here, looking around, approached several times as to whether we could help him find things or whatever, each time declining assistance but instead looking around, more up in the air, looking at our ceiling and cameras rather than at product on the floor,” said Pishney.

The Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office says they arrested Dustin Clark from Mount Pleasant and it’s because of tips they received on their Facebook post asking for help identifying the man.

“It’s incredible, you hear stories about people being identified through Facebook; that it’s a needle in a haystack, well yeah here’s the needle was found in the haystack,” said Pishney.

Clark was arrested on unrelated warrants and will be brought to Grand Traverse County to face charges of breaking and entering, destruction of property and being a repeat offender.

“I don’t think people understand that with all the surveillance equipment now, the alarm systems, the chances of getting away with having committed the crime are very small; very, very small it just isn’t worth it,” said Pishney.

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