Cadillac Sisters To Host Lemonade Stand To Help Homeless

Two girls in Cadillac, selling lemonade all to make a difference.

Sisters, Tehlor and Miya will be selling lemonade this weekend to benefit the homeless.

This is the second year the girls are setting up the lemonade stand.

Last year they raised more than $300.

The two sell lemonade for 50 cents a glass and all money then goes to New Hope Shelter in Cadillac.

This year Tehlor and Miya’s goal is to raise $500 or more which they are already close to after some businesses have donated.

Overall the two are working as a team to help the homeless.

“Miya helps pour the cups, she can help give the cups to them and I mainly deal with the money and making the lemonade. I was thinking about how not everyone has clean clothes and a heated house and are less fortunate than us,” says Tehlor.

The stand will run Saturday from 10 to 8 at 1601 Sunnyside Drive in Cadillac.   

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