Traverse City Friend Of Shooting Victim Speaks Out

Chilling words from a woman who heard the moment her friend was shot outside this Traverse City apartment complex.

Alan Halloway is charged with attempted murder after police say he shot David Barber in the arm and shoulder.

Halloway then drove to Grawn, where negotiators talked to him for a half hour before he surrendered.

"Hung out a couple times whatever he came over here a couple times hung out with my sister too," she said.

A woman thought she and Alan Halloway were friends. But says Halloway developed feelings that she didn’t reciprocate. He unexpectedly came over.

"We walk in the door and he gives me this really weird creepy smile and he says hi," she said.

She says Halloway asked her friend David Barber to go outside to talk.

"He got my friend over there and said trying to steal my woman from me or you stole my woman from me? My friend looked at him and said what are you talking about she was never your woman," she said.

That’s when things escalated, and the two started fighting. Police say Halloway pulled out a knife and cut Barber. Then three gunshots.

"She says he’s coming up he’s coming up we locked everything down and ran into the bathroom and we were sitting there waiting and it felt like hours and I heard a vehicle start and it was his truck pulling away," she said.

Police say Halloway shot Barber in the arm and shoulder. They found Halloway at his home in Grawn. He surrendered after talking to negotiators for about a half hour.

"The officers responding to the initial incident at Bay Hill Apartments and other responders knowing where everyone is at so we are all on the same page," said Captain Keith Gillis.

Barber is in stable condition, and is expected to have surgery later this week.

Halloway is facing an attempted murder charge.

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