Gladwin County Fair Returns With Hundreds Of 4-H Entries, Animals

They call it the "Gladdest Little County Fair" in Northern Michigan and it’s bringing hundreds of kids, along with their four-legged projects, to the same arena.

The Gladwin County Fair started Monday, July 17, bringing rides, music groups and, barns full of 4-H animals ready for show.

This year, there are 150 entries for pigs, and dozens of sheep, steers and other animals.

Those who have been putting on the fair for decades say it’s a lesson in responsibility for kids.

"It’s really amazing to watch these kids,” says Jeff Balzer, livestock superintendent and 4-H Leader of the group, Berg’s Barnyard Kids. “They start when they are 6, 7 years old and now I’ve been doing this 30 years. I’ve had their parents in it. Now I have their kids in it. It’s pretty rewarding.">

The fair will also bring back the traditional mud bog, go-kart races and Saturday’s demolition derby.

You can find the full schedule at the Gladwin County Fair’s website.

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