Emmet Co. Deputies Find Family’s Priceless Treasure During Training Exercise

Two Emmet County Sheriff’s deputies were overjoyed with their underwater discovery during a training exercise.

A local family lost a fishing pole in Round Lake, but it wasn’t just any old fishing pole.

The pole held deep sentimental value to them. It had belonged to their daughter who died of cancer.

When the sheriff’s department heard what happened, they decided to change the goal of their monthly dive training to recover the family’s treasured item.

Deputies say knowing the search would help people made them view the training differently.

 “To do some good and help someone out while brushing up on our skills? They were very happy, the two divers were high-fiving each other. They were very happy that they could locate the fishing pole that meant so much to the family,” said Lt. Tim Rodwell, Emmet County Sheriff’s Department.

The divers weren’t the only ones happy about the find.

Rodwell says the family was very grateful for the recovery.

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