Traverse City Human Rights Ad Hoc Committee to Discuss Sanctuary City Resolution

“It’s wrong, it’s absolutely wrong.”

The controversial discussion on whether or not Traverse City becomes a sanctuary city could come to an end.

The human rights ad hoc committee is meeting for what could be the last time.

The committee was formed a couple months ago after people in Traverse City began asking questions about sanctuary city status.

We have been following this from the beginning and Tuesday night the committee chair will present a resolution with their recommendation.

Committee members are discussing the resolution proposed by chair Isiah Smith.

This is the first time the committee will be discussing his resolution to not become a sanctuary city, but still support immigration and the rights of people in the city.

They are expecting to vote Tuesday night, and their recommendation will go to the human rights commission and then to city commissioners for final approval.

“They’re going to word it in such a way that it’s a welcoming place, it’s just semantics. It’s maybe not sanctuary as far as that word is concerned, but that’s what it is,” Christine Easlely, Traverse City resident said.

This topic continues to spark controversy from those in support of it and against it.

We will continue bringing you updates from the meeting and what committee members think about the resolution.

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