BrewVine: Rarebird Brew Pub

Rarebird Brew Pub is nestled in downtown Traverse City.

 It has a great location and great beer with a very welcoming cozy fun atmosphere that hopefully everyone will enjoy.

Rarebird is now celebrating three years of being in the beer business and has already become a local fixture.

“It’s a true community space, which is what I always wanted,” said Tina Schuett from the Rarebird.

Whether its brewing beer for pride, paddle for pints or their special donation based tap pour for more, what comes out of these taps tends to be more than just beer.

“Having pour for more it’s been awesome we love making special beers for that and kind of tying it in as much as we can and just in general we love the community here and couldn’t be here without them,” said Schuett.

Tina loves being part of the brewing community in Traverse City and instead of having flagship beers, she likes to rotate between her ever growing list of recipes.

“I try to make new things all the time, I have over a hundred recipes now and we bring back the popular ones that people love, but I’m always throwing in new beers and new tastes and just having fun in the brewhouse,” said Schuett

Beers at Rarebird give you variety: this summer try the lemon hefeveizen named back paddle, a light pale ale called love wins or perhaps something a bit darker.

“For the dark beers, we put a lot of flavor in to make it more exciting in the summer when they’re less apt to drink a dark beer 221 as we have more on at a time I can have more varieties, but I like to have a full range on the board,” said Schuett. 

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