Missaukee Co. Sheriff’s Office Encourages Safe, Respectful Firework Practice

It’s a sound most of us welcome, but local police want people to use common sense when lighting off, and calling in about fireworks.

The Missaukee County Sheriff’s Department says they’ve been flooded with calls about fireworks being set off late at night.

They’re asking everyone to use common sense before dialing 911 over loud fireworks, and if you are setting them off, be respectful of your neighbors.

“We ask people to be courteous. Please don’t wake your neighbors up, they may have children sleeping. Just curtail your activities and be a good neighbor. We hope everybody has a good safe and happy holiday,” Jim Bosscher, Missuakee County Sheriff’s Office said.

While local ordinances can apply, the state of Michigan allows you to light off store-bought fireworks between 8 a.m. until midnight both Tuesday and Wednesday.

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