Inside the Kitchen: Food Truck Month At Wingz & Thingz in Traverse City

If you’ve been making your way around the National Cherry Festival this week, you’ve no doubt noticed all of the dining options around town.

Food trucks in particular, with all kinds of interesting things to chow down on!

All of July, that will be our focus–introducing you to the purveyors of these mobile meals across the region.

We begin with Wingz & Thingz, manned by Chef Ron Gokey, a veteran of Operation Desert Storm.

The former tank mechanic’s rig may have changed–but be sure it packs just as much of a punch!

Already famous for their 13 flavors of wings and tremendous menu, Ron’s plans don’t entail slowing down any time soon.

You’ll also find a very special element to what he’s doing on the streets of TC: raising money for Wounded Warriors.

The organization helped Ron get back on his feet, and in return, he now donates his tips and the proceeds from merchandise sold.

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