All Hands On Deck Team Works To Protect Great Lakes

People across the Great Lakes teamed up to protect our greatest natural resource, water.

In this first time event, the All Hands On Deck Team gathered in Sault Sainte Marie to work towards keeping the Great Lakes great.

Four months ago, the group was formed to bring more awareness to the importance of protecting our fresh water.

Monday morning, with the St. Marys River as a back drop, people listened to music and speeches.

"That’s why we stood with our backs to the water to show we are protecting this water.  Don’t think you are going to harm this area here.  All of us are fighting to keep it clean,” Adel Easterday, A.H.O.D organizer said.

Groups in five other Great Lake states, as well as Ontario, joined in.

The event is expected to take place every year on July 3.

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