People Near And Far Enjoy Air Show At The National Cherry Festival In Traverse City

The US Air Force Thunderbirds soaring in the skies above Traverse City Saturday afternoon.

From the Coast Guard, special stunt planes and the Thunderbirds, all were in the sky entertaining people watching from below.

This was the first of two air shows at the National Cherry Festival.

9&10’s Taylor Jones was there talking with those taking in all the excitement.

“I am just mesmerized by everything,” says Kristy Evon.

That feeling shared by many as they watched Saturday’s air show in Traverse City.

Florida native Kristy Evon was in awe from the opening act,

“Oh my gosh, well the parachutes were the greatest, I could never do it myself, they were awesome to watch and my son is retired Army so it kind of had a special spot in my heart,” says Evon.

The Coast Guard then performed a rescue followed by some stunt planes.

Nicolas, a man from Chili had never seen an American air show.

“I am glad to be here in the states. I’m really glad to see an American tradition like this, to see the air show and share Fourth of July weekend,” says Nicolas.

But the highlight of the show was without a doubt the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds.

The Thunderbirds say Traverse City is one of their favorite places to perform.

“Being in Traverse City is incredible. The team was here two years ago, it’s fun to perform here at the Cherry Festival. It’s an honor to be on this team, our group goes out we represent men and women to all different communities so there is lots in the Air Force active duty,” says Captain Sara Harper, public affairs officer.

Bob Young came all the way from Ohio to see the Thunderbirds with his grandkids.

“The Thunderbirds are a precision flying team as you know, so the diamonds good, the crossing patterns, the opposing, the single pilots they do their thing. The thunderbirds always put on a great show,” says Young.

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