Cadillac Celebrates Annual Freedom Festival

The Cadillac Freedom Fest parade moved through downtown Saturday morning as hundreds took it all in.         

The Freedom Festival is one of the most popular Fourth of July celebrations in northern Michigan.

 “It’s always a fun experience and it brings out the community and it reminds us what America’s all about,” said organizer Brian Chapman.     

The Cadillac community together celebrating American independence.

The Cadillac Freedom Festival uniting generations.

“It was 7 years ago that a group of individuals got together and wanted to celebrate Independence Day,” noted Chapman.

That small idea has grown to this all American celebration.

“This is a great place to come and visit and spend part of their summer,” said Harry Engles who lives in Cadillac.

The event brings in thousands and also reminds people the true reason of why freedom is celebrated each year.

Freedom is not free. The struggles some of these guy have they sign up they volunteer to protect our freedoms and it comes at a deep cost. Parent’s teachers and grand parents need to teach the next generation what America means and understand the sacrifice to get us here,” Said Engles.

As America’s 241st birthday draws closer this celebration is one of the most unique ways to celebrate what makes living in America so special.

Shake their hand and thank them and not everybody will do that for them and not many would do what they did for us,” said Chapman. 

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