Protesters Line Street, Against Traverse City Becoming Sanctuary City

These people don’t want Traverse City becoming a sanctuary city.

They’re taking to the streets over what has become an extremely controversial topic.

It started a few weeks ago when the possibility of becoming a sanctuary city was discussed at a commission meeting.

A human rights Ad Hoc committee was formed to discuss the possibility.

But people are concerned the mayor and commissioners aren’t listening

Marchers lined Grand View Parkway, to make their voices heard about not becoming a sanctuary city.

People are still coming out for the march with banners and signs.

Protesters say they want their elected officials to enforce the laws, even when it comes to immigrants.

They have concerns about what would happen to Traverse City if it does become a sanctuary city.

Many believe it would lead to an increase in crime, violence and drugs.

We will have more from those concerned 9&10 News at 11.

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