Community Helps Remus Family After Storm Damage

A family of five, facing lots of damage after last weekend’s rain storm and their insurance can’t help them out.

Last Friday in Remus, the Purdy family woke up to their basement wall collapsing.

Their insurance company said they weren’t able to help because it was due to ground water pressure and the family doesn’t have flood insurance.

9&10’s Taylor Jones caught up with the family and the community that’s rallying behind them.

The Purdy family has lived in their home for 20 years.

The damage is devastating but they are staying strong with the help of the community.

“Our kids grew up in his house,” says Jen Purdy, homeowner.

This is the damage to the Purdy family’s home. Their entire front wall of their basement collapsed

“I contacted the insurance company and started the claim and it was deemed through their people that it was because of hydrostatic pressure which is ground water, which is flooding, which no one has flood insurance,” says Purdy.

Now the family is facing thousands of dollars’ worth of damage and many belongings destroyed.

“The wall and everything upstairs is shifted so drywall and flooding and all of it needs to be done. It has been compromised,” says Purdy.

But many community members have already stepped up to help the Purdy’s.

“We had people donate a camper that we could live in since we don’t have our house and I have had friends that have just come and picked me up for lunch to get me away from it for a while and people have been bringing us food and making financial donations,” says Purdy.

“We’re trying to dig everything up. The dirt that had caved in into the house and to get the dirt around the house, some guys are going to come and put new block and foundation in,” says Zach Hatfield, friend of family.

Today the family is thankful.

“It’s been hard, I don’t like to ask for help. It’s been humbling, I can’t explain how much they have touched my heart. They are so giving and people are so generous with their time and money and resources.

If you would like to help the Purdy family click here.

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