What’s Trending Wednesday: Camping Products

Now that summer is finally here, many of you are probably starting to plan out a camping trip. If you’re looking for some new gear, we’re sharing a few products in this week’s What’s Trending Wednesday that could make all the difference during your next outdoor adventure.


You may lose phone service when you’re out exploring the wilderness, but with this super portable device, it’s not a problem. The goTenna creates its own off-grid network to provide limited service to phones, allowing you to send texts and share GPS locations if you get lost.

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Handy Flashlight

This not-so-ordinary flashlight does much more than just light up the dark. From fishing gear, a first aid kit and water purification tablets, all the way to trail markers and a wire hand saw; this compact device can store it all.

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Bubble Tent

And for some of the more adventurous campers, this inflatable bubble tent could be the way to go. Watch the stars at night right from the comfort of your own bed. This bubble is big enough to fit all of your camping necessities, and it maintains a comfortable temperature for easy snoozing.

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