Shepherd Police Chief Celebrates One Year Anniversary

“This is an incredible community, there has been a lot of support for our department.”

Luke Sawyer is celebrating one year as chief of police in the village of Shepherd, one year of making the department approachable.

Chief Sawyer says his time at the helm of the Shepherd Police Department has been incredibly rewarding, but wants to bring back a sense of community.

He says his department is doing that by using the power of social media.

From congratulating honor roll students, to road delays or a missing person, Chief Sawyer says it’s important for his department to have a direct line to the people they serve, no matter the circumstance.

“We can get the message out right now, so that people can take alternate routes, they’re not tied up in traffic, they’re not putting themselves in danger by going on a road that is not safe. Possibly a missing kid, we can put the information and picture out right away so that people start looking,” explained Chief Sawyer.

The Shepherd Police Department Facebook page hosts "Ask Anything Mondays," where they answer any police-related question you may have.

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