Mount Pleasant Community Mourns Cycling Icon

The Mount Pleasant cycling community is honoring one of their own after he was hit and killed by a car. 

Michael Seaman from Mount Pleasant was hit while riding his bike. 
It happened on River Road near Deer Run Drive around 8:30 Tuesday night. 
Troopers believe alcohol could have been a factor.

"He’s one of the most iconic riders we’ve ever had," said Ben Rollenhagen. 

If you’re a cyclist in or around Mount Pleasant, chances are you crossed paths with Mike Seaman. 

"He’s probably the Lance Armstrong of Michigan he’s been racing and riding that long and he has that kind of influence in our state," Ben said. 

"He was always willing to help he’d give you the shirt off his back. He was always willing to loan bikes to people if they needed it and he was always willing to give you advice on what you could do to be better," Patrick Richards said. 

An icon whose life was cut short. 

"A driver of a car is fine if they hit a cyclist the cyclist is not and that hurts my heart. If some thing this horrific and tragic can happen to Mike it can happen to anyone he was by far the safest cyclist we have around here," said Allison Lents.

The cycling community is honoring Mike’s legacy just the way he would have wanted it.

"It’s just been very humbling to see the cycling community come together to go on this memorial ride to put a ghost bike out to the crash site and it’s amazing how quickly that tied together," said Allison. 

Now a bike sits at the spot where Mount Pleasant lost the familiar face many knew for decades. That bike, forever remembering Mike. 

"If you could pick a way to pass away this would have been his way to die doing something you love," said Allison. 

A memorial is being planned for Mike.

We will keep you updated as soon as we know more. 

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