Mount Pleasant Businesses Continue To Deal With Storm Damage

Isabella County is continuing to deal with flood damage after last weekend’s storm.

9&10’s Taylor Jones was in Mount Pleasant Wednesday checking out damage to local businesses.

Homes, roads and rivers aren’t the only ones affected by last weekend’s flooding, the Mount Pleasant Country Club is facing entire holes under water.

Our 16th hole, all you could see was the top of the flag stick. You see bunker rakes floating down the middle of ponds, you have tee markers, missing trash cans,” says Ryan Godard, course superintendent.

The club says every hole but one was under water.

And although much of the water receded, they have a lot of clean up.

“We have to wait until the river gets below flood stage to be able to pump water off the course. We have a tractor pump that pumps water into the river. We’re going to clean them up, we have silt all over our greens and fairways,” says Godard.

The course hopes to open at least nine holes by July 4th, but it’s been an inconvenience to members and business.

“We have members that come pretty much every day so we have had to outsource them to other golf courses and then we lose food and beverage money. We do a lot of hotel guests that come out and play and we have had to cancel several of those,” says Godard.

Wednesday county officials estimated more than $86 million in damage between private, public and farm properties throughout Isabella County.

But they say the restoration effort is going well.

“The people behind me, these are the heroes they are the doers, they are the people that save lives, send help, take care of us they have stood with us through this entire experience and I can tell you, as a citizen and a public employee I have never been more honored,” says Margaret Mcavoy, Isabella County public information officer.

Anyone in Isabella county can still report damage to the emergency operations center by calling 989-779-1452.

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