Grand Traverse Co. Commissioners Address Animal Control Concerns

A special study session just started for Grand Traverse County commissioners.

Tuesday the commissioners are discussing an update on the animal control department. 

The county eliminated their two full time officers last year due to budget problems.

But there have been several complaints, including only having two part time staff.

Those complaints led to one commissioner requesting this study session and update.

There have already been several people speaking up about their concerns on the animal control department.

It all started more than a year ago when a previous board made the decision to turn animal control duties over to the sheriff’s department.

But with fewer officers dedicated to animal control, it became more difficult to respond to the needs of the people and pets.

We spoke to Commissioner Cheryl Gore Follette who wishes they had someone available all day, every day.

We will have more on the update from animal control and people concerned on 9&10 News at 11. 

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